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My work is inspired by the visual information that is daily fired at each of us, like on tv, social media, magazines, newspapers, etc. In my visual diaries I collects and remodels this information, makes collages, places images in new contexts and creates new contexts, or new worlds, sometimes poetic, magical, bizarre or hilarious.

Like Alice in Wonderland you may enter into a fairytale world ..

Since May 2013, I have been living and working in Andalusia, focusing basicly on theme landscapes, that are imaginary, dreamlike worlds.

The work is on paper or canvas in a large format, so the viewer can step inside.

Besides that I paint murals and decorations on ceilings and since 1999 I teach drawing and painting. I love to share my passion for art! My students are of all ages and with or without experience.

Painting classes and workshops can be arranged in Marbella, Málaga or the surrounding area.

For further information see 'Classes & Workshops'.

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