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Since 1999 I teach drawing and painting.

At schools (primary and secundary) and in my studio in Nijmegen-Holland, where I have been living untill 2013 and in Granada city in my studio/house.

My students are of all ages, with or without experience; the most important is the joy!

Enjoying the experience, learning by doing it, working with different materials, using and mixing colors and discovering your own visual language and your own handwriting to express yourself.

I like to guide people and to give individual advice.


You are very welcome to join my classes at ART CENTRO ROMANA, a place in Elviria-Marbella where different art forms as dance, music and visual arts come together thanks to great organiser Anfisa Zinchenko.

There are different classes:

'TALLER' (ART STUDIO) Mondays from 18:00-20:00

I teach the basics, how to use different materials, how to mix colours, how to set up a painting, I give personal advice and guide you to express yourself in your own visual language.

You choose your own subjects with techniques and materials that suit you and your subject.

There is a lot of room for freedom to experiment and I will help with suggestions.

Techniques/materials: acrylic, oil paint, watercolor paint and pencil, charcoal, pen and ink.

Experimental techniques (collages or mixed techniques) are also possible.

The classes will be in English & Spanish and I speak also Dutch (her mothertongue) and German.

This course starts with at least 2 people.

Suitable for all levels, everybody is welcome!

When: Mondays from 6-8 pm 

Price for 2 hours: €20,00, including (basic) materials. €60,00 per month if you pay this every first Monday of the month.


The human figure has always been a fascinating subject for artists throughout the ages and the

human figure is also the central theme during this serie.

The lessons have a clear structure in difficulty; we will start each lesson with a lot of sketching and

we will work with different materials and techniques.

Later the poses will get longer to have time for painting or drawing more detailed.

We work towards a live (nude) model and pay attention to: looking, proportions, anatomy, line

and color use, composition and own interpretation of the model.

During the portrait lessons we start with sketching with charcoal and pencil to practise first the proportions of a face. After we start to paint 'alla prima' which is a quick, spontanious and expressive way of painting which accomplish amazing and lively results!

Suitable for beginners as well as advanced and for adults of all ages.

When: Wednesdays from 6-8 pm, starting in March 2019

Price for 2,5 hours: €25,00, including (basic) materials. All classes (10) for €200,00, when you pay in advance

These courses will only start with at least 4 attendees that pay all classes in advance because of the extra costs of a life model.


I also organize short workshops from 2 or more hours, one day to one or more days, such as business trips, friends and family parties and you can also book an art-holiday at the Costa del Sol!

In an inspiring environment, with the warmth of the sun, during a relaxed holiday where you are relieved of work and daily hassles, you can concentrate completely and let your creativity flow!

Please do not hesitate to contact me:

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